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Make your song viral with us by uploading a video using your song from TikTok so people might use the song for their TikTok Videos.

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  • Song and Brand Awarness
  • People will discover your TikTok Account
  • Perfect place for user-generated content

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- If you're trying to increase your awareness of TikTok
- If you want to show your content to the biggest EDM audience on TikTok
- Get your song heard by thousands of TikTok users
- TikTok users spend up to 89 minutes on average each day on the app

Monthly TikTok views – 15,400,000

Website and Social promotion

Get the right exposure for your work, we will find the right option for you whether is an article or interview on the website, and share it on all of our socials.
Or only a post across our social networks of 2M+ Followers.
- Website Press Release with a share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Facebook Story
- Written Interview with Share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook Story
- Instagram feed post/Reel/Story
- Facebook Post/share
- TikTok Video Post

What will you get!

  • Article published on
  • Social share on our pages with 2M+ fans
  • Song in our story video for socials
  • Brand awareness and new followers

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- If you're struggling with lack of Spotify Streams and want to level up your Spotify Profilebr
- If you want to put your song in front of a large audience of pasionate EDM
- If you want to have your songs in the same playlist with other big producers
- If you want to make your songs heard by a new EDM audience


Monthly Instagram Accounts Reached – 8,674,432
Monthly Instagram Content Interaction – 1,123,032

Monthly Facebook Reach – 17,487,668
Monthly Facebook video views – 14,526,431
Monthly Facebook Engagement – 3,390,549

Monthly YouTube Views – 153,162

Monthly TikTok views – 15,400,000
Website unique readers – 6,563

Spotify Playlist

Having thousands of streams to your song on Spotify is a must nowadays, we can help you achieve that by adding your song to our Spotify playlist, we update it every Monday, we also put stories when we update it, and the playlist is always embedded on our website.

What will you get!

  • Song added on our organic growth playlist
  • Submitted to a 180k Playlist friend
  • Song in our story video for socials
  • Your song will be in the same playlist with songs from big producers

Why you should choose this one

- If you're struggling with lack of Spotify Streams and want to level up your Spotify Profile
- If you want to put your song in front of a large audience of passionate EDM
- If you want to be discovered on Spotify by new EDM fans

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast do I will see the results of the promotion?

    Right after we press the publish button the campaign will be live on our social networks and be visible to 2M+ people.

  • Will I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the results?

    We do not start the promotion until we show you every step we take and every piece of content we will publish on our socials, and once you confirm it and the invoice is paid, we publish it. There's no chance to get a refund. Until now, not a single client requested that as everyone was happy with the support and the results of the campaigns.

  • Are there any risks in not getting any results?

    Because our audience is a passionate EDM one, they will react more to the promotion than if you would do the promotion to a cold audience through social network ads. The only risk is if the song is not of a good quality the reaction to it will be a little lower than normal.

  • Do you offer a discount?

    If you want a custom package which will be made by our Sales Representative that suits your campaign and outcomes. Also, if you use our services repeatedly we will offer you a discount or reduce the price of a single promotion option to $0 from a promotional package.